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Our Services:

  • Liner Replacements
  • Pool Openings & Closings
  • Coping Replacement
  • Jet and Skimmer Repairs
  • Repairs on Filtration Systems
  • Installations of Pumps, Filters, Heaters and Salt Systems
  • In-House Repair Shop











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 With so many products and manufacturers on the market today, how can you decide the best pool products for you and your needs? Just ask our knowledgeable and friendly staff members. Our staff members are happy to make recommendations and offer advice based upon their experience. We carry a wide variety of outstanding products that we have found to be reliable and of exceptional quality. You can trust that our product line is the best you can find anywhere.



 Balance pool water is the key to a great experience very time.  Take advantage of water testing service that we offers to our customers, with a printout of the exact requirements, so you always know how much quantity and products you need to add to balance your water.




The only Luxury Hot Tub with JetPaks!

Bullfrog Spas are the world's only luxury hot tubs equipped with the patented JET PAK System. JetPaks are modular hot tub jets that can be interchanged at any time now or in the future. JetPak® Technology deliver incredible power, maximum versatility, and allows you to upgrade your spa's jetting with new Jet Paks anytime.

The Difference is JetPaks

Bullfrog Spas are completely customizable and upgradeable, are virtually leak -proof, and are extremely energy efficient. Bullfrog Spas use 90% less plumbing and we have eliminated diverter valves, which, gives Bullfrog Spas more pressure and more powerful jets than the competition.


Just Plug it in! Take comfort and fun with you wherever you go with ROTOSPA, the full featured portable hot tub. Weighing just 250 pounds, they are easily transported in a trailer or pick up truck. Use it at home in the winter and the cottage in the summer. Simply fill your ROTOSPA hot tub, plug it to a 110 outlet and relax. No special wiring or plumbing is required.


Unwind in comfortable lounge seating while 20 powerful jets soothe your muscles and free your spirit. ROTOSPA hot tubs are the full featured portable hot tub designed for you. Spend some time getting to know ROTOSPA and start a new relationship with yourself and your loved ones.


Food coming off a Traeger grill simply tastes better… It is just that simple! In fact, most people purchase Traeger products because they have already tasted the Traeger difference at a backyard BBQ at a friend’s house or at a Traeger demonstration at a local business. But be careful - once you taste it, you’ll be hooked…

With Traeger, you can have amazing barbeque in your own backyard. Apple smoked bacon, cherry chicken, mesquite flavored brisket, hickory ham, maple smoked salmon… your imagination just might be your only limitation


 When you fire up a Vermont Castings grill you get powerful performance, precise results and premium style. With our Signature FlavorSeal System available on every grill, you'll enjoy amazing results, every time.

Quality 304 TRUE STAINLESS STEEL resists rust better than grills made with lower grades.

Exclusive CAST IRON END CAPS and EXTRA DEEP FIREBOX help maintain heat to lock in flavors and keep food amazingly moist.

SIGNATURE SEAR PLATES redirect grease and juices away from flames distributing heat evenly across the entire cooking surface for optimal temperature control.

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