We design, fabricate, assemble, install and repair sheet metal products.

We offer full services for all your sheet metal needs.  Our facilities are capable of manufacturing most items required.

Our regular stock included 4 x 8 sheet from 14 to 30 gauge.  From galvanized sheet to satin-coat, to aluminum sheet, stainless steel and checker plate aluminum, also black steel sheets available from 12 gauge to 3/8" or 1/2".



sheet metal fabrication
4 wheel box

Shop Equipment:

  • 8ft Standard Brake
  • 120 ton brake
  • 36" Bar folder
  • 30" Shear
  • Welders (Mig and Tig)
  • Plasma (cutting sheet metal 30 to 16 gauge, ducting and steel 12 gauge to 1/2" thick)
  • Power Shear
  • Power Punch 
  • Power Brake- 10ft long to 1/4" thick
employee at work

We also install, dismantle, maintain and repair equipment in mills.

We also do plant rel
ocation, preventive maintenance, modification, system improvements, millwrighting, fabrication and on site welding.


iron shadows

Thousands Of Images & Themes To Choose From... or We Can "Start From Scratch" If you don't see what you're looking for, call or email us & we'll be glad to help.


We bring your ideas to life!!! We have a wide-variety of ready-made items that can be purchased or we can custom make something just for you...

  • signs
  • letters
  • numbers
  • logos
  • designs
  • shapes
  • industrial parts
  • metal yard art
  • wildlife & animals
  • vehicles
  • home decor
Dog & cat design

 120 Dog Silhouettes
20 Cat Silhouettes

Dog Thumbs.pdf Dog Thumbs.pdf
Size : 359.858 Kb
Type : pdf
nature and wildlife design

 Those files contains designs like bears, elk, deer, eagles, ducks, moose, rabbit, fish, lynx, fox, wolves, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep, cougar, quail, frog, toad, mountains and trees to name a few.

Wildlife Thumbs1.pdf Wildlife Thumbs1.pdf
Size : 712.745 Kb
Type : pdf
Wildlife Thumbs2.pdf Wildlife Thumbs2.pdf
Size : 697.422 Kb
Type : pdf
farm and tractor design

Those files contains designs like modern tractors, antique tractors, pigs, goats, cows, windmill , barns, plows and livestock to name a few. Lots of tractors! 

Farm Thumbs1.pdf Farm Thumbs1.pdf
Size : 1543.019 Kb
Type : pdf
Farm Thumbs2.pdf Farm Thumbs2.pdf
Size : 1666.282 Kb
Type : pdf
Farm Thumbs3.pdf Farm Thumbs3.pdf
Size : 484.383 Kb
Type : pdf
ocean life design

 Ocean life theme designs including ships, fish, whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, anchors, shells, islands, lighthouses, palm trees, coral, scuba diver, mermaids and  sea creatures.

Ocean Thumbs1.pdf Ocean Thumbs1.pdf
Size : 824.84 Kb
Type : pdf
Ocean Thumbs2.pdf Ocean Thumbs2.pdf
Size : 593.116 Kb
Type : pdf
rods, quads, trucks and bikes design

Different vehicle designs including classic cars, modern cars, classic trucks, modern trucks, busses, construction vehicles, atv's, tow trucks, semi, delivery trucks, forklift, golf cart, 4x4's, etc. 

Vehicle Thumbs1.pdf Vehicle Thumbs1.pdf
Size : 1718.259 Kb
Type : pdf
Vehicle Thumbs2.pdf Vehicle Thumbs2.pdf
Size : 1779.131 Kb
Type : pdf
Vehicle Thumbs3.pdf Vehicle Thumbs3.pdf
Size : 1517.998 Kb
Type : pdf
sports design

 100 Sports and Activity Patterns

Sports Thumbnails.pdf Sports Thumbnails.pdf
Size : 283.652 Kb
Type : pdf
decorative ironwork designs

 These patterns are true art! Cut these patterns to make elaborate fireplace screens, furniture, above-door breezeways, gates, railings, fence, window guards, wall-hangings, etc.

Decorative Ironwork Thumbs 1.pdf Decorative Ironwork Thumbs 1.pdf
Size : 1160.46 Kb
Type : pdf
Decorative Ironwork Thumbs 2.pdf Decorative Ironwork Thumbs 2.pdf
Size : 812.08 Kb
Type : pdf
mimbres indian style art designs

 60 different southwestern indian patterns based upon excavated painted pottery found in museums and private

Mimbres Thumbs1.pdf Mimbres Thumbs1.pdf
Size : 1186.054 Kb
Type : pdf
Mimbres Thumbs2.pdf Mimbres Thumbs2.pdf
Size : 1181.028 Kb
Type : pdf
europein style ironwork designs

Patterns for use on a multitude of projects such as gates, grilles, shelves, tables, furniture, mirrors, security doors, railings, gazebos, signs, borders.

European Thumbs 1.pdf European Thumbs 1.pdf
Size : 1290.862 Kb
Type : pdf
European Thumbs 2.pdf European Thumbs 2.pdf
Size : 1397.977 Kb
Type : pdf
European Thumbs 3.pdf European Thumbs 3.pdf
Size : 932.764 Kb
Type : pdf
real western designs

50 different original western theme silhouettes. 

Real Western Thumbs1.pdf Real Western Thumbs1.pdf
Size : 770.664 Kb
Type : pdf
Real Western Thumbs2.pdf Real Western Thumbs2.pdf
Size : 328.206 Kb
Type : pdf